3 Different Genres Of Safety Shoes

Gone are the days where safety shoes has to be black and looks like ugly like your grandfather's worn out leather shoes. With technology advances, safety shoes today are lighter and look more stylish.

We have previously touched on the types of safety shoes in this world. In this post, we will be talking about the genre or style of safety shoes.

1) Sports Safety Shoes

KTG Safety Steel Toe Steel Plate Sports Safety Shoes in Singapore

Featuring knitted mesh surface for enhanced breath-ability and fanciful designs, sports safety shoes has been a hit since KTG Safety introduced them in the Singapore market. They allow you to go straight after work to any causal outings with your friends. Barbecue sessions? Movie in town? No problemo!

Lightweight, high air circulation and stylish looking

Not waterproof or abrasion-proof.  

Recommended usage:
Logistics services, laboratory work, technicians etc. NOT recommended for construction activities.

2) High Cut Safety Shoes

KTG Safety Steel Toe Steel Plate High Cut Zipper Safety Boots Safety Shoes Model SS21

Covering from the toes to above the ankle of your feet, high cut safety shoes offers protection to your toes AND support for your ankles. Typically made of leathers, this genre of safety shoes is usually waterproof and can take heavier usage as leather is tougher than knitted mesh. The trade-off is that it offers less breath-ability to your feet as the moisture takes longer time to dissipate from within. Not ideal for South East Asia countries where climates are warm and humid.

Enhanced protection area, ankle support and waterproof.

Heavy and low breath-ability. 

Recommended usage:
Construction sites or any locations as long as breath-ability and weight is not an issue to your feet.

3) Slip On Safety Shoes

KTG Safety Steel Toe Steel Sole Slip On Sports Safety Shoes Singapore Model SS08

Also known as the lazy-man shoes, these are safety shoes that can be worn or taken off in an instant. The surface material used to construct such safety shoes are usually leather or mixed leather as they more structural in nature. Fabric material like cloth or knitted mesh will not hold the shape well for ease of wearing or removing.

Easy to wear and remove.

Relatively less secure when compared to the traditional laced up or zipper designs.

Recommended Usage:
Personnel who needs to change footwear often. An example would be a office stuff who needs to visit the site for survey and changes back to office shoes when in office. 

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