Our Story

Founded October 2016

It was a typical hot day on the island country of Singapore and I was at my kitchen table, which doubles as my home workstation for some free-lance supply sourcing job . I was working on a client's request for safety shoes with the main objectives being utility and cost.

While working on the request, I was looking through all the quotes and pictures of my suppliers when a sudden thought occurred to me, "won't these safety shoes making your feet hot, sticky and uncomfortable? Shouldn't I be looking for something that offers more comfort to the wearers?"

Like a typical millennial, I jumped onto Google and started searching for safety shoes that offer more breathability for the wearer feet. My search results through google and my suppliers yielded me similar results to the following picture:

Ugly safety shoes

"That is really a ugly and uncomfortable looking pair of safety shoes, no way I am going to wear that". A further research informed me that generally wearers make do with these ugly safety shoes simply because they do not have any alternatives.

This prompted me to look further into this issue as my dad himself works while wearing safety shoes. What if there is a pair of safety shoes that is able to offer protection, style and comfort to him - all at one go? 

Our Inspiration

I pondered on this idea until I glanced upon a pair of designer running shoes. It was then the concept of incorporating sport shoes design into safety shoes -- sports safety shoes was born. 

After coming up with a few sports safety shoes designs, I leveraged upon my existing pool of suppliers to find one willing to do a small customized order for 200 pairs. 

KaiTheGent Flag Ship Sports Safety Shoes Design

I started off listing the shoes on free-to-list platforms. It was quiet for about 2 weeks before the first order came. The order was quickly fulfilled in a midst of excitement. It was another quiet 2 weeks before the next order came in. And then... the orders started coming in, apparently through words of mouth by the buyers. As we grew, we begun to work with more suppliers who provided OEM designs to offer more choices to our valued customers.

Our Naming

It was then in October 2016 that when I had to re-order the next batch of my shoes that I decided to register the brand. Taking the first of my name and combining it with the idea of a gentlemen in every man, KaiTheGent was born.

Our Logo

In November 2017 we underwent an re-branding exercise. 

Combining the need to inspire a sense of reliability and a name that can be easily remembered by our users, KTG SAFETY was born. The name was created by taking the first initials of Kai The Gent.

KTG (KaiTheGent) Safety Logo

We have chosen a bull to be our icon as it inspires toughness and reliability in our products. The primary color scheme of white, black and yellow were chosen to convey a strong sense of safety to all who look upon it.


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