Kevlar Penetration Resistant Sole

KTG Kevlar Penetration Pierce Resistant Sole Plate - Great flexibility for safety shoes wear feetKTG Kevlar Penetration Pierce Resistant Sole Plate - Superior Comfort & Mobility for Safety Shoes Wearer

Safety shoes usually comes installed with a stole plate with the main sole to prevent or protect against piercing injury to the foot. Traditionally, sole plates are made of stainless steel and sometimes composite material.

However, steel or composite sole plates, though useful in reducing piercing-related injuries, are stiff and uncomfortable. This is especially true when safety shoes are worn for more than 4 hours, the stress of the body weight starts to take a toll on the wearer's feet.

Through technology advancement and design improvement, Kevlar Penetration Resistant Sole was born to solve this issue.

Kevlar sole offers superior comfort and flexibility when compared with steel sole plate. In addition, Kevlar soles are 70% lighter than their steel counterparts! The trade off is that Kevlar sole offers lesser piercing force resistant.

At KTG Safety, we work with quality suppliers to ensure that all our safety shoes' Kelvar soles offers a minimum piercing force resistance of 1100N.

We strive to reduce your feet fatigue and enhance your daily work experience. 

However, a point to note is that no sole plate can completely guarantee the safety of your feet in any situation. It is still prudent to observe all workplace safety guidelines to mitigate risks. Our shoes will protect you but we hope you do not have to test it to find that out!

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