Steel Toe Cap

KTG Safety 200 J Joules Smash Puncture Resistant Stainless Steel Toe Cap

The classic toe cap for a pair of safety shoes, steel toed work shoes or boots has protected the feet of countless workers across different industries on the job. Even with the invention of its lighter counterpart - composite toed shoes, steel toed shoes remains the first choice for many wearers.

Even though that workers nowadays are unlikely to encounter a situation where there is a risk of shattering their steel or composite toed boots, it remains a fact steel toe caps can handle more than its newer counterpart in terms of impact and pressure resistance.

Another reason that steel toed shoes remains the favorite for wearers is the fact it costs more to own a pair of composite toed shoes. Composite toe cap require a more cumbersome manufacturing process and the materials cost more than steel.

At KTG Safety, every single pair of our steel toe safety shoes are equipped with steel toes that can withstand up to 200 joules of impact and 15,000 newtons of pressure, which complies with the ISO 20346:2014 standards. We are currently still preparing for our shoes to be submitted for ISO certification.

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