Steel Sole Plate

KTG Safety 270 PSI Pierce Resistance Stainless Steel Toe Plate

Safety shoes usually comes installed with a stole plate with the main sole to prevent or protect against piercing injury to the feet. These sole plates are most often made of steel and sometimes composite material.

Piercing or puncture injury risk can include nails, screws, glass & metal, all of which are pretty common at the work place. At KTG Safety, all our safety shoes' stainless steel plate offers a minimum piercing force resistance of 270 psi, which fulfills the standard of ASTM F2413-11. We are currently still preparing for the application for this standard.

Through constant design improvements and quality material, we make sure that our steel sole plate offer maximum flexibility and comfort to your feet, reducing your feet fatigue and enhancing your daily experience. 

However, a point to note is that no sole plate can completely guarantee the safety of your feet in any situation. It is still prudent to observe all workplace safety guidelines and avoid any risk in the first place. Our shoes will protect you but we hope you do not have to test it to find that out!

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