Our Value Proposition

A Safety Footwear Brand About Style And Comfort…Not Just Utility

Our mission is to change the wrong perception that a pair of safety shoes always have to look ugly.   

When you wear a pair of KTG Safety Shoes, not only you are protecting your feet, you are also displaying your character and taste.

We believe that wearing a stylish pair of safety shoes to work can go a long way in affecting the work attitude of a person.

Think of a salesperson wearing a suit which makes him look professional while his co-worker wears a cheap wrinkled shirt. The salesperson will undoubtedly feel better about his appearance and may translate that positive energy to his sales speech.

Research has also shown that more than 80% of people tends to think that a polished appearance heavily influenced first impression of a person's competency and personality.

KTG Safety Shoes - Steel Toe Protection, Sports Shoes Fashion

Having said that, we aim to continue upholding the highest safety standard while keeping our shoes inexpensive and accessible to everyone.

Be it you are seeking to change your mood at work or looking to give your company's workforce a positive makeover, KTG Safety shoes is your best bet!

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